The Royal Standard Lodge No. 498

Consecrated 12th June 1844

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Royal Standard Chapter Lodge No.498

Who can become a Royal Arch Mason?


Because you need to be a Freemason before you can join the Royal Arch, this section is written for Masons. However if you wish to know more about joining Royal Arch read on.


Your first step in Freemasonry is to join a Lodge. Collectively, Lodges are referred to as “the Craft” and once you have become a fully fledged Craft Mason, known as a Master Mason, there are a number of other Orders that you can join. Royal Arch has the closest ties to the Craft and, at some point in their membership, all Craft Masons are likely to be encouraged to join Royal Arch.


In Worcestershire all Lodges should have a Royal Arch representative and, if you want to join, he is a good port of call. You can also download the leaflet on this website (Downloads/Master Mason Pack).


Master Masons


Once you have become a Master Mason, after one month you are entitled to join Royal Arch. The term for joining is Exalted. You join a Royal Arch Chapter of which there are nearly 50 in the Province of Worcestershire with at least one meeting at every meeting place within the Province.

It is generally considered that membership of the Royal Arch is an important step in your journey through Masonry and Craft and Royal Arch have very close ties.


You may consider speaking to your friends who are members of the Royal Arch.


As in all Masonic Orders you will need a proposer and seconder who are members of the Chapter you wish to join.


Like Lodges, Chapters meet a number of times during the year, usually four and at your first meeting you will take part in an Exaltation ceremony. Once you are Exalted, whilst at a Chapter meeting, you will be addressed as “Companion” in the same way as you are “Brother” in a Craft Lodge.






Royal Standard Chapter Lodge No.498 needs YOU!

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